It's wise to keep track of your expenses

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Simple ways to save money.

Record your income and expenses on a daily basis.

One should have a crystal clear idea of his/her finances only when he/she has records of his/her income and expenses. Moreover, keeping record of day to day transactions allow you to be ready for future uncertainties

Make a budget on monthly basis.

No one can control expenses without making budget. Make budget category wise and spend accordingly.

Don’t save whatever is left after spending. Make a budget, forecast savings, save it and spend whatever is left. It is always ideal to save up to 35% of your income.

Don’t buy unnecessarily even if it is available at cheaper rates. Habit of buying unnecessary items may lead to selling necessities.

Don’t forget to take advantage of promotions, discounts or incentive programs on day to day expenses. Now a days, there are so many online and offline resources existing where items are cheaper with free home delivery facilities.

Most of the people forget to pay loan premiums, ATM and credit card bills on time due to that they need to pay interest which is an extra burden on the budget.

Keep your vehicle engine tuned and its tires inflated to their proper pressure. Taking such small precautions can save money on gasoline.

While driving, minimize abrupt accelerations and breaks. That will save money on gasoline and reduce maintenance costs.

Always remember, you don’t need to work hard for spending while earning is more demanding

Most important, don’t let your money lie idle.

Why should you only work for money. Let money work for you also. Would you like it, if your money works for you and you enjoy instead. It is a bit difficult to understand for a while. For example; if you invest your money, you will get returns in the form of rent, interest, dividend and profit. These passive incomes will reduce your monthly burden. When you do this exercise on regular basis, your investment will increase dramatically and you may earn more benefits from it. There are some rules to be followed for secured investment. Please be noted that some investments are subject to market risk.