It's wise to keep track of your expenses

To be organized and keep tab on your income and daily expenses, we provide you with easy functions to operate with.

betaburg is well responsive designed keeping in mind that you do not require installing any apps that eats up your storage and resources.

Its so convenient that within just five to six clicks anyone can insert the data and get it changed or deleted in a click.

We are providing customized option of adding a new category of your choice for better analysis of your personal account


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Enhance Incomes, Curb Expenses and Achieve Your Goals

You can backup your data in Excel format by clicking on the Excel icon in Report section.

Keep your Income/Expense up to date and an automated pictorial graphs and pie charts will let you know where your money is going.

For your safety and convenience, betaburg is at your service 24/7.

Our state-of-the-art secured encrypted system protects your data from cyberpunks. Moreover, Even betaburg and third parties can't extract your data. We cannot view or access any details since the website as well as the Application is completely secure.

We have a robust privacy policy that allows you to work freely without any third party involvement and hindrance.

Our services are simple and secured. One simple step; bookmark it and you are good to go.

Use Ctrl +D on pc browser or make website available on Home screen by using the function of “Add to Home Screen” in Mobile browsers.

Isn't it too convenient.!!!

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