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How it works

1. Click on "Income" or "Expense"

2. Select the appropriate category from shortcut or follow step # 3

3. Select the appropriate category from list

4. By default date is today's date.Change only if you required.

Enter amount you have spent / gained

5. Select appropriate operator (+ - * /) for calculation.

Amount will move total field

6. Add transaction detail (Optional)

7. Click on Invoice button to capture Invoice pic or select Invoice file from smart phone or laptop

8. Click Save to register your record. You are done.

View or Search the transactions:

Select "Details" and type the keyword in textbox next to the details then press Tab. It will search all related details

Modify the record:

Just change the field and it is modified.

Delete the Record:

Press "Delete" once and "X" will be enabled. Click on the "X" to delete that record. It's too easy


Click on "Report". Complete monthly and yearly reports are on screen. Isn't it too convenient!!


Backup is one click far. Click on "Excel" icon and you will have all your data in xls format in your laptop.

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